It’s the year 2063, and most of the planet is now a barren desert, with the skeletons of great cities rising like nightmares out of the dusty plains and waves of the rising sea. In the world of Rage On Wheels, every new day is a battle – literally. Your loyal killer vehicle is your only hope to capture resources and survive.
Every vehicle is unique and has its own advantages in a fight. Use your cars’ resources to mine even more vehicles – and build a real private army of battle cars. Rise to become a powerful warlord, respected and feared in the Arena.
Rage On Wheels combines the post-apocalyptic aesthetics of Mad Max and advanced world-building with the latest trends in Play2Earn gaming and NFTs. Enjoy intense battles, collect beautifully designed powerful vehicles, compete for a spot on the leaderboard, earn real cryptocurrency, mint and trade NFTs – Rage On Wheels have something for everyone.