Buying cards

There are five ways to obtain a card:
1) Buying at the pre-sale. This is probably your best option, because you’ll be able to purchase cards (in closed Mystery Boxes) at the best price and pay with BNB (Binance Coin), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.
2) Open a Mystery Box. Use the Open a Box feature to buy a random L1 vehicle from the pool. The sale of vehicles in closed mystery containers is how Rage on Wheels will raise funds for metaverse-building – instead of an IDO. The price of one box is set at XXX.
Note that the probability of getting a specific vehicle from a box differs depending on the design: all 40 vehicles have different probabilities, even though they are all Level 1.
3) Merging. If you have three identical cards (same vehicle, same level), you can merge them into one higher-level card for the same vehicle. This will give you better chances in future battles, so it’s always worth merging if you have three eligible cards.
You’ll get a notification in the Garage tab once a merge is available. The resulting vehicle will be fully repaired (0 damage), even if the original three cars were damaged.
Note that this is the only way to ‘level up’ within the game in Phase 1 (though you can buy a higher-level NFT on in-game and external marketplaces), though in Phase 2 we’ll introduce new mechanics to obtain vehicles (crafting).
The three L1 cards used for the merge will be burned. After burning, the L1 cards will become increasingly scarce. Shortage of L1 cards will lead to higher prices for NFT cards.
4) Buying on the built-in marketplace. Here users can freely re-sell NFT cards of all levels for ROW tokens. Since the marketplace runs off-chain (like most of the gameplay), there are no gas fees.
The marketplace can come in very handy when you have two identical cards and want to obtain a third to merge them. Besides, selling the cards you’ve mined in the marketplace can provide a side source of income.
Also, the marketplace will enable users to buy L2 and higher-level vehicles, which can’t be obtained from Mystery Boxes. For example, if you already have one L2 card, it can make sense to buy two identical ones and merge them to get an L3 card.
5) Buying an NFT on an external marketplace. Vehicle cards can be minted as real NFTs on the BSC blockchain and traded on external marketplaces like any other non-fungible collectibles. In Phase 2, Rage on Wheels will have its own NFT marketplace.
Last modified 2mo ago