Merge cards. Within the game's universe, combining 3 identical cards stands as a significant method for enhancing your card's level.
If you have 3 identical cards, you’ll see a notification in the Garage. Click on the Merge button to fuse the 3 cards and get a fully repaired vehicle of the same type but a level higher. This process bestows a multitude of advantages within the game, emphasizing the importance of card fusion. It's important to note that, in the initial game release, the primary method to independently level up your cards, aside from buying them on the internal market, is through card merging. However, stay tuned, as future game versions will introduce more ways to enhance your cards. Additionally, each merge consumes a specific amount of in-game resources. Make sure to manage your resources wisely to optimize the merging of your cards and boost your gameplay experience.
Last modified 15d ago