At the heart of Rage On Wheels lies the vibrant and dynamic in-game marketplace, a bustling hub where players engage in trade using our very own $ROW tokens. Not merely a place of commerce, the marketplace plays an indispensable role in the Rage On Wheels universe, bringing together strategy, resource management, and keen trading instincts.
What can you do at the Marketplace?
  1. 1.
    Trade NFT Cards: Whether you're looking to streamline your collection by selling surplus NFT cards, or you're on the hunt for that defined card, the marketplace is your go-to destination. Beyond mere collection, these cards are the key to leveling up, facing off in intense battles, and unlocking potent mining capabilities.
  2. 2.
    Resource Exchange: Crafting a Mystery Box requires resources, and sometimes, you might find yourself a tad short. No cause for concern! Dive into the marketplace and tap into a vast reservoir of resources put up by fellow players. It's a true testament to the game's intricate balance of supply and demand.