Mining is a great way to get new L1 cards and repair kits for free. How long it takes depends on the cards you already have. Every card has its own hashrate, or a capacity to generate rewards. The hashrate is different for each of the 200 designs: higher-level cards have higher hashrate, but there are big variations even among L1 vehicles. Note that hashrate doesn’t depend on a car’s state or repair/damage.
The default reward per block is a closed Mystery Box with an L1 vehicle inside. In addition, you can also win a repair kit: the chances increase together with the total hashrate. So, for instance, a user with a hashrate of 20 on all their cars will have a higher chance of mining a repair kit than someone with a 15 hashrate, but even a user with a low total hashrate can get a kit - though the chances are low.
Your mining points are calculated according to the formula:
(default time needed to mine a ‘block’ at default hashrate)/((total hashrate of all your vehicles)/(default hashrate))
Example: imagine if you have 3 vehicles with hashrates 4, 5, and 7, for a total hashrate of 16. The default hashrate is 8, and the default block mining time is 24 hours. Thus, you’ll mine a full block and get the reward in 24h/(16/8)=24h/2=12 hours.
Once you’ve mined a Mystery Box, you’ll find it in the My NFT Cards tab, where you can open it to discover your new L1 car.
The default block mining time and hashrate are set by the game and are subject to change depending on the number of players, tokens, and vehicles in circulation.