NFT Statistics

NFT Statistics platform offers a comprehensive and detailed exploration of the game's NFT card landscape.
Total NFT Cards in Circulation: This metric denotes the aggregate quantity of cards within the Rage On Wheels ecosystem. It serves as an indicator of the game's progression and its expanding participant base. Card-Level Breakdown: With a single click, players can delve deep into each card level, revealing the quantity and specifics of the cards contained therein. Whether you're curious about the abundance of Level 1 cards or the rarity of those at Level 5, this section has got you covered. Search by card ID: For a thorough examination of individual cards, users are advised to input the specific card's unique ID. This will yield a detailed dossier on the chosen NFT card, elucidating attributes and its transactional lineage within the game. Features:
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    Instant Lookup: Quick and seamless, our system is designed for on-the-fly checks and comprehensive insights.
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    Dynamic Updates: The statistics evolve in real-time, mirroring the game's ongoing transactions and card minting.
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    User-Friendly Interface: Navigate with ease, thanks to our intuitive layout and user-centric design.