Rage on Wheels IGO

IGO is a new crowdfunding format used by gaming projects, where users gain early access to in-game assets instead of fungible tokens. This is also a more compliant option, as buying game assets is not construed as investing in securities in most jurisdictions.
During Stage 1 of the IGO, cards will be sold in closed Mystery Boxes (containers), which users can later open through the user dashboard to reveal the vehicle within. This is similar to the reveal mechanics used by many popular NFT projects. The IGO price will be lower than the standard price for a Mystery Box later on in Stage 2, and users will be able to pay with BNB. Users will need to be whitelisted to participate in Stage 1.
The proceeds from Stage 1 will be used to supply DEX liquidity for the ROW token, which users will need to buy to participate in Stage 2 of the IGO. The BNB will be converted into WBNB and injected into the liquidity pool as needed to maintain active trading and prevent excess volatility.
In Stage 2, which will start after the game app is launched, a set number of L1 cars will be sold as Mystery Boxes within the game. The price will be slightly higher than in Stage 2, and ROW tokens will be the only payment option. By that point, it will be easy to buy them on PancakeSwap.
100% of the ROW proceeds from Stage 2 will go towards support (marketing, salary etc.) and development (v2.0 and above) of ROW project. and price on PancakeSwap.
Rage on Wheels further improves on the IGO format by offering lazy minting. Instead of minting NFTs during the presale, users will be able to buy cards, use them in the game, and trade them on the internal marketplace – all without actually minting them. This allows us to avoid BSC blockchain minting fees during the IGO: users can mint their battle vehicles as NFTs at a later date or whenever they wish.
We should stress that ROW tokenomics lacks the traditional presale allocation or lock-up and vesting charts: there are no special early investor or VC allocations, so there is nothing to vest. This also means that there is no risk that a VC will suddenly offload their holdings, causing a dump. ROW should become one of the most positively stable GameFi tokens, because our priority is to grow the game’s audience, not the token price.
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