Rage On Wheels Metaverse

The metaverse is an immersive virtual space where users can interact as avatars and engage in gaming, communication, shopping, creativity, world-building, and much else. A lot of smaller metaverses (or 3D virtual worlds) are currently being built, but in the future they may merge into a single all-encompassing metaverse.
Companies like Meta (previously Facebook) and Microsoft are heavily invested in this space, but the effort of blockchain-based projects like Rage on Wheels, Vulcan Forged, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Gods Unchained etc. are no less important. GameFi platforms promote blockchain adoption among the wider gaming community, and blockchain is a foundational technology for the metaverse.
Rage on Wheels will focus on building its own metaverse starting from Phase 3 through a range of initiatives:
  • Adding a crafting system, allowing users to create complex tradable and mintable battle vehicles and other objects
  • Introducing user avatars
  • Additional play-to-earn mechanics
  • New strategy-driven battle mechanics
  • Advanced battle animations
  • In-game chat
  • Interactions within teams (item swaps etc.)
  • Contests with valuable and unique artifacts as prizes
  • Special card collections and card packs
  • Several levels of Mystery Boxes with different types of items
  • Levelling up vehicles
  • Player leagues and guilds, team tournaments
  • Rank rewards for players
  • More ways to earn ROW
  • Scholarships (game managers lending cards to new players in exchange for a share in their winnings)
  • More individual vehicle parameters that impact battle performance (armor, attack etc.)
  • Virtual land sales and monetization (building new battle experiences or extracting resources from one's land)
  • Animations for non-battle experiences (building, interactions with characters)
  • Adding thousands of mintable items to the marketplace (vehicles, buildings, weapons, wearables etc.)
  • Mining ('breeding') new vehicles based on the characteristics of the vehicles one already owns (and not just hashrate)
  • Yield farming programs
  • Integrations with other blockchain projects
  • A fiat gateway
  • Introduction of AR and eventually VR sequences
  • A governance system for ROW holders, and much more
Rage on Wheels builds on the experience of both metaverse games and popular vehicle combat games with their complex crafting systems. The result will be an immersive space that will appeal to different categories of users: play-to-earners, fans of vehicular battle games, trading card enthusiasts, etc.
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