Referral Program

All users who attract new participants (referrals) to the project by their unique referral link become participants of the referral program. There are 2 sources of referral payouts available in the game: 1. % of claime tokens from PVE battle. For attracting new users to the project current members will receive 0.5% of the referral award from each PVE battle, where he won a prize place (1st, 2nd or 3rd). The new user plays in PVE mode, takes prize place and gets their rewards, and you additionally get a percentage of that reward. At the same time, ROW tokens from the referral program will be credited additionally and will not be taken away from your referrals reward in a PVE battle, his reward remains unchanged and will be credited in full.
For example, if your referral won 1st place in a pve battle and receives 20 $ROW tokens — your referral program reward is 0.5% of 20 $ROW tokens (1 $ROW). The more battles your referrals participate in and the more referrals you have — the more tokens you will receive on a regular basis. 2. % from the sale of NFT cards and resources. All participants in the referral program will receive an additional X% from the sale of their referred NFT cards and resources on the in-game marketplace.