Staking allows you to earn free $ROW tokens. Staking means depositing $ROW in a pool and getting regular payouts.
To start staking, go to the Pools tab. You’ll see a list of 4 pools with different entry requirements and parameters:
  • minimum amount of $ROW you have to deposit;
  • APY (annualized percentage yield): the reward rate in ROW;$
  • minimum XP needed to enter the pool;
  • lock-up period: the minimum time you have to leave ROW in the pool (you can’t withdraw the tokens before the lock-up period is over, though you can claim the rewards);
  • maximum pool capacity: once it’s reached, you won’t be able to deposit any tokens in the pool.
If some of the pools are unavailable to you (for example, because you don’t have enough ROW or XP), the Stake button will be greyed out. Choose a pool with a clickable Stake button, then choose the amount of $ROW to deposit. Once the stake is created, it will appear in the My Stakes tab.
You’ll start accumulating rewards instantly. In My Stakes, you can track your reward progress and claim the rewards as often as you wish using the Claim button (no need to unstake). The rewards will be transferred to your main ROW balance, and you can use them to buy new stuff and cars on the built-in marketplace or withdraw and sell on exchanges.
At the end of the lock-up period, you can either unstake ROW manually or leave them staked to continue getting the rewards. There is no automatic unstaking.
Note that the project team can change reward rates, and make other modifications as needed.
Last modified 2mo ago