Joining a battle

To join a battle, go to the ARENA -> PVP -> PVP BATTLE tab, click on the Join Battle button and pick one of your vehicles on the card. You’ll be transferred to the PvP Battle tab, where you’ll see a list of available battles, starting from those that require just one more player to join before they can take place.
Every battle has a participation price in ROW. The tokens go towards the prize fund that is divided between the winners (minus the platform’s administration fee), a bit like in a lottery. In the battle list, only those that are within your current ROW budget will display a bright Join button; on the others, the button will be greyed out. Note that you can buy more ROW tokens to unlock more battles with higher prizes.
Pick a game with the suitable parameters and click on Join to confirm. If there are enough players, the battle will play out immediately; if there are still slots to be filled, the battle will take place as soon as the required number of players join. You can withdraw from a battle before it takes place by clicking on the Cancel button on the vehicle card.
While you don’t have to be there to watch the battle, we recommend that you stick around to watch the nice animation. As Rage on Wheels builds up its metaverse, animated sequences will become more and more sophisticated, showing killer vehicles attacking each other.
The battle itself is run by the computer instantaneously, and the result is probabilistic, based on each user’s level. There is a set chance of a car of one level winning against another, for a total of 25 possible combinations. The bigger the difference in level, the higher the ‘stronger’ vehicle’s chance, though even a L1 car can theoretically win against an L5 (though the chances are incredible low).
Note that in Phase 1, a car’s state of repair doesn’t impact its chances of winning (this will be introduced in Phase 2), so you should pick your highest-level card to maximize the probability of winning. Also, choose those battles where the participants are of the same or lower level than you.
By default, each battle should have at least 4 players, and 3 of them will get prizes. The prize fund is distributed as follows:
1st place: XXX ROW
2nd place: XXX ROW
3rd place: XXX ROW
One card can be simultaneously enrolled in just one battle, but if you have several cards and enough ROW, you can join several battles.