How to get $ROW token

There are several methods for obtaining $ROW tokens within the scope of the game:
1. Rewards from PVE battles. Victorious PVE battles are a source of joy and ROW tokens.
2. Staking rewards. Staking your existing tokens can yield you rewards, which is essentially earning tokens by merely holding onto them. With different pools with varying interest rates and lock-in periods, it's an attractive option for many. 3. Purchase from external decentralized or centralized exchanges, such as PancakeSwap. The most common method is through the purchase of tokens from external cryptocurrency exchanges such as PancakeSwap.
4. Revenue generated from selling cards on the in-game market. Another lucrative method is by selling ROW NFT cards on the game's internal marketplace.
5. Selling mined resources within the in-game marketplace. Mined resources can also be sold on the game's internal marketplace.
6. Participation in the referral program. Lastly, the referral program lends an opportunity to earn ROW tokens by inviting new players into the game.